Here we go again…

Posted January 14, 2010 by burningsheep
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This my my umpteenth time at trying to write a journal, but I have to. Apparently I’m a really nice bloke but I have very few friends in fact I have friends but because there like minded they always end up moving abroad or at the very least moving. I’ve been thinking about how to write this stuff and I have decided that you the reader which is in fact me because I am the only one reading this will be my new best friend who I can tell my story too and as it happens you are really interested and you never butt in when I am talking which is in fact when I am writing, do you understand? It’s all a bit schizophrenic but that’s the reason I have to do this in the first place. I will try to explain as we go along.

I think allot of what is going to come out will be me moaning about the day to day stuff. Why? Because I need to get some stuff of my chest, my wife doesn’t listen, she looks at me from time to time when I’m talking, she makes a few sounds of acknowledgement to punctuate the total lack of interest, then as soon as I’ve finished talking she totally changes the subject and rants on about something else. I might as well of said I’ve been diagnosed with terminal cancer I’ve got two weeks two live…..We need some milk can you go, I’ve got the ironing to do.

So here a I am on my own in the kitchen on a sunny Saturday morning writing to myself because I’ve got no one else to talk to.

Thats it i’ve started, feels good, I’m off for a bike ride.


Hello world!

Posted January 9, 2010 by burningsheep
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I am 40 years old, I work, rest and play in the other south of France ( west coast, Pays Basque ). I have been here for the last nine years and have learnt the language and had lots of experiences of dealing with and living in France. I want to share these experiences so that other people might benefit and I think it will be very therapeutic for me. I completely flunked out of English and French when I was at school and had no idea whatsoever that I would end up living in France. So I apologize in advance for all and any grammatical or spelling mistakes. My origins are cockney and I will be as natural as possible. This is not so much “A year in Provence” as “Nine years in France innit”.

If you are thinking of moving to France or you are already living in France and have any questions or problems e-mail me at and I will do my best to help out.

I will be posting hopefully 3 times a week ( late at night ) I have three kids and work full-time so time is precious.

Mange-tout, mange-tout  as Del Boy would say.